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Our Top 5 Office Name Plates

Executive Desk Plate

With such a variety of great-looking, office name plates for interior office spaces, it can be hard to choose which might go best in your office. Signsations is ready to help!

Our company offers office name plate choices of all different sizes and finishes that will match your office’s presentation. Out of all of them, however, there are 5 that stand out as the most distinctive and versatile, although each has its own personality. First, you need to understand what to look for in a name plate.

What are You Looking for in Office Name Plates?

Do you know what to look for in office name plates? Here are 3 tips to make sure you choose the right name plates for your office: 

Office Environment

Your office has a certain feel and atmosphere to it. Maybe it’s an open floor style with a laid-back vibe, or you want to project a more formal image of security and professionalism. You will want to choose the style of your name plates to echo your design. You will want to pay attention to complementary colors, to frame styles, to furniture, to the overall look and feel of your place. 

Wall Size

How wide are your walls? Perhaps do some measuring and cut a sheet of paper into the various sizes you are considering before you send off that order. In other words, make a set of mock-ups. Or better yet, order samples! Walk around to where you think you might like to place signage (take a co-worker with you for a second opinion), tape or pin the mock-up or sample, and step back. Take a few pictures to help you with your decision. Believe me, this step will save you time and budget in the long run.

Font Choices

Look at your marketing materials: your sales brochures, website design, even your logo. Do you have a cohesive feel to everything? What is your style? Is there a certain font you’ve chosen to use throughout? Are you using Calibri? Arial? Times New Roman? Referring to your already-produced sales brochures and other marketing materials will help you make decisions about what you are looking for when you finally select the name plates for your office. 

Now let’s look at the choices Signsations makes available for customers like you: 

These 5 name plates definitely make an impression

All the signage at Signsations have distinctive features, but these top five office name plates deserve special mentioning:

1. The Sharp, Custom Color Name Plate with Logo Palpability 

A favorite is the Custom Color Name Plate where you can place your unique logo (in color, no less!), your name, and room number all on one name plate. It comes in several sizes, as do all of the name plates Signsations carries, looking modern and sharp in a variety of office designs.

2. The Style Encompassing, Logo Name Plates

Similar to the Custom Color Name Plate is the complementary Logo Name Plate. On this name plate, you can choose to have your logo printed in color or engraved – allowing you to match your desk signage to your door signage. Holders for Logo Name Plates, are available and come in three colors, including rose gold, black, and brushed aluminum, and in three separate sizes.

3. The Classic Office Door Name Plates 

You may also like the Office Door Name Plates. These classics allow for three lines of text and  the door number and/or the office occupant’s name. Available in several different colors, fonts, styles, and sizes, this name plate is one of the most popular and is easily customized to fit your needs.

4. The Attractive, Framed Name Plates

While the website photo is attractive, with gold metallic coloring framed in black and a crisp style of lettering, this is not the only style of Framed Name Plates you can get! Feel free to custom design your Framed Name Plates. You can choose from three different styles of box frame – curved, rounded, or square, and pick your size. They all look good!

5. The Smart, Executive Desk Plates

These Executive Desk Plates look exactly like what you would expect to see on the desk when you walk into any executive’s office. With various wooden finishes to choose from like cherry and walnut, and several free-standing styles and sizes, this desk plate gives off a feel of weight and authority with just the right sense of style.

Don’t let this list fool you – there are more signs to choose from. If you follow the 3 tips above when considering the right office name plate for you, and then you do some shopping and browsing yourself, you are guaranteed to find a name plate that fits what you are looking for: Distinctive, clear styling for a great office look.

Happy Shopping! Request an estimate on Signsations Name Plates today!