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Office Door Name Plates

Producing custom name plates for over 15 years - we make the process quick and easy 

1. Select the type of name plate. 

2. Request a FREE estimate and proof.  

3. Authorize production and submit payment  - your custom order usually ships in three business days.

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You can improve your business setting with door name plates for the office or name plates for the wall and we have several options to select from, such as:.

Office Name Plates, Holders and Frames

View our complete line of office name plates. Each name plate is custom made and is available in popular styles, sizes, and colors. In addition to names and titles, you can also get logos laser engraved on our two-ply acrylic plates or digitally color printed logos on brushed silver or white aluminum. Office name plates can be used with custom frames or holders for a more professional look.  The frames are plastic with the option of rounded or square corners and come in popular colors: black, brown, gray and white. The name plate holders are aluminum and come in three finishes: brushed aluminum, rose gold and black, and allow the plates to be easily changed.

Custom Name Plates for Office Door 

For those that want a more distinct look or need to change names frequently we have office door name plates with frames that have a clear removable lens, which are ideal for those that want to use a paper insert printed in-house.  These frames are available in brushed silver or black and come with a curved or flat surface. For those wanting inexpensive yet professional signage, door name plates for office could fit the bill.  These are popular with churches, medical and professional offices and can be mounted directly on or next to the door.

If you would like to add a room number to your name plate we've got you covered.  We offer 2-part name plates with the option of fixed or changeable numbers. They can even be configured as magnetic name plates 

Classic Door Name Plates, Cubicle Name Plates and Magnetic  Name Plates

Oftentimes name plates need to be affixed to metal doors, partitions or lockers and need to be changed easily.  In such cases magnetic name plates offer a good option. One of the most popular methods used are framed magnetic name plates where the magnet is inside a plastic frame and the name plate is secured within the frame by the magnet. Another popular option is adding a magnet to the back of a standard name plate holder and securing the holder to the metal door or locker.  With this method  the plate is easily changed by removing the plate from the holder. and replacing it with a new engraved name plate. Both methods work equally well.  Let us know which method will work best for you.

To compliment your office add a Desk Name Plate.  We have a full product line ranging from classic to executive styles.   

Whenever you need office name plates or personalized name plates -  Signsations is the right choice.  Give us a a call today. 

Don't see what you want, click the "Request Estimate" tab and we'll develop a quote and proof for you, free of charge. 

Initial orders of less than 5, have a $10 one time set up fee (Custom colors minimum initial order size is 10).

For Custom or Personalized Office and Door Name Plates - Signsations is the Right Choice

Our Guarantee
  • Product is produced to your specifications and production does not begin until authorized by you 
  • Multiple quality checks are completed on each item before release for shipment
  • We stand behind our products 100% and if a problem does arise we will do everything that we can to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

Quality Name Plates at a great value