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Magnetic Name Tags | Custom Name Badges

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Why select Magnetic Name Tags - Benefits of Wearing Name Tags - Top 4
  • Identification - Name Tags and ID Badges are ideal when security is a concern as they allow you to easily identify someone. ID Badges with employee photos can further increase security by adding security codes or scan bars. Couple the ID Badges to lanyards or name badge clips and they are easily worn and shown as needed for access into an office or facility.  For Assistance, Name Tags are a  great tool as they make it very easy to determine who works for the company and what department.  Use Name Tags with magnets and they are easily worn without damaging your clothes.

  • Branding - Logo Name Tags and Color Name Tags are a low cost way of reinforcing your brand. Just add a logo, be it engraved or printed and immediately you have a walking advertisement.  Enhance that as needed with an "ask me about..." statement or your company's tag line. Use color name tags to tie into your company's color theme.  

  • Ease of Use - Magnetic Name Tags lead the pack when it comes to ease of use.  Magnetic Name Tags are not only stylish and easily customized, they can be quickly put on or taken off your clothing without damage to the material. And this applies equally to shirts, dresses, or jackets, without fear of an unintentional sticky of oneself with a pin or difficulty of locating a pin clasp.   

  • Cost Benefit - Few marketing tools provide as much cost benefit as a Name Tag.  Similar to a business card, name tags reflect professionalism, and are expected in certain professions, the medical profession being one. Rarely do you see a nurse or medical assistant without a name tag.  The same is the case in restaurants and even many large churches and community organizations.  Unlike other marketing tools that can be customized, they are relatively inexpensive and can fit into virtually any budget.

Magnetic Name Tags - Highlights

Our Magnetic Name Tags are digitally printed with full bleed color capability . We offer two types of magnetic name tags: Metal Magnetic Name Tags  made of thin gauge high gloss aluminum or fiber reinforced Plastic Magnetic Name Tags.  Sizes range from 1" x 3" to 2" x 3". with square or rounded corners, and logos. The base color for metal magnetic name tags is silver, or white. When you need easy to use name tags that get noticed, digitally printed magnetic name tags are a great choice.

Our Custom Name Tags are made of high quality 1/16" 2 ply acrylic and are laser engraved to ensure the finest of engraving detail. They are available in sizes ranging from .75" x 3" to 2" x 3" with either square or round corners, with or without logos, and come in popular color combinations such as silver/black, gold/black, white/black and blue/white.  Engraved name tags provide a very professional look and are the tag of choice for doctors, dentists and the military.

There are several fastening options for our name tags such as the very popular magnetic fasteners and the name tag frames (available in silver or gold). We also offer traditional pin fasteners or the classic double post clutch fastener.

Custom Name Badges - Highlights

Our Name Badges are excellent for employee identification. Our two most popular name badges are the magnetic name badges and name badges with lanyards (lanyards are available in various colors).  The most popular size is the 2" x 3" which is digitally printed on reinforced plastic with full color capability.  However custom name badges are available if you would prefer a different size or material and company logos or employee images can easily be added.  Beyond lanyards another option for ease of wearing and removing name badges is the classic clip on name badges. 

As with all our products, we provide a proof for your review and approval prior to starting  production of your Name Tags or Name Badges..

For initial orders of less than 5, there is a $10 one time set up fee.

Our Guarantee
  • Product is produced to your specifications and production does not begin until authorized by you 
  • Multiple quality checks are completed on each item before release for shipment
  • We stand behind our products 100% and if a problem does arise we will do everything that we can to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

Custom Name Tags and Name Badges at a great value